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Bed bugs are tiny little parasites that feed on blood. They like to hide anywhere, but the places they tend to hide most is the well lived spaces in your home. Even though they are called bed bugs, that’s not the only place they like to live and feed. These wingless, tiny bugs will also hide in your chairs, couches, and other furnishings.

Getting rid of the bed bugs

To get rid of these annoying bugs you need to wash all of your bedding - this includes pillows.

After washing, you need to dry all of it in the dryer with the heat setting on high for at least 20 minutes. Bed bugs can’t live in high heat for more than 20 minutes, so drying the bedding until dry on high heat will kill them.

Inspect your bed mattress and if you see bed bugs, take some heavy-duty duct tape, lift and remove them from the bed mattress, clothes, floor, and anywhere else that you see them.

Don't do this

The worst thing you could do is vacuum them up, because they will just crawl out of the vacuum and go right back to you your bed, and other furnishings.

Keep them away

One way to repel these annoying little parasites from your bed is to take some scented dryer sheets and place about 8 to 10 of them between your mattress and the box spring. You will want to do the same thing on top of the mattress.


Place them between the mattress and your bed sheets, and don’t forget to place about 1 or 2 sheets inside both pillow cases. For your chairs, couches, and other furnishings, place about two to three dryer sheets under the cushions to help keep the bed bugs away. The reason why the dryer sheets repel bed bugs is because they don’t like the smell and they stay away.

Prevent them from coming back

For further preventative techniques, you can take duct tape and wrap the bed legs and rails with the duct tape. Make sure to wrap them with the sticky side out, this will prevent the bed bugs from crawling into your bed. Remember that they are wingless, so they don’t fly.

Do the same thing for the legs of your chairs, couches, and other furnishings you have in the house.


These are just a few of the things you can do to get rid of bed bugs and to help keep them from coming back and invading your home.

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